Optimizing our water consumption


As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), we are actively working to reduce our environmental impact, in particular by implementing measures to optimize our water consumption. This approach is a direct response to the challenges posed by climate change and the recurring episodes of droughts in many parts of the world.

In order to achieve these objectives and contribute to the preservation of natural resources, we have drawn up a strategic plan that includes several actions. Part of this involves realizing an overall 5% reduction in the average daily volume of water used over the year at our Kuhlmann France site.

To make this ambition a reality, with the support of the Artois Picardie Water Agency, we have recently implemented a specific project to increase the storage capacity of our borehole water tank from 10 m³ to 120 m³. By aligning our storage capacity with the actual needs of our processes, we will be able to eliminate water losses through overflow, which will contribute to a more efficient and responsible use of our water resources. In addition, this increase in capacity will result in substantial water savings, which we estimate will be somewhere between 100,000 m³ and 200,000 m³ per year.

To ensure we implement this project in both a responsible and sustainable way, our team opted for a second-hand tank. This tank, which was produced in 2019 and was never used by its previous owner, offers us several advantages. It has enabled us to significantly reduce acquisition costs, thus contributing to the more efficient management of our financial resources. Furthermore, it means we are actively participating in the circular economy by giving a second life to already existing equipment, as well as securing the procurement lead time.

By adopting such an innovative and responsible approach, we are demonstrating our commitment to reconciling economic performance with respect for the environment, while simultaneously actively contributing to the preservation of natural resources.