Curious to know what our colleagues feel about their jobs?

Find out in the testimonials below and discover why it's great to work at Kuhlmann Europe!

Franck Bahamid, Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor

Franck Bahamid has been working for Kuhlmann France for 20 years as a Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor. Franck ensures that all requests coming from production are carried out to avoid any potential issues.

Benoit Cayen, Technician

Benoit has been working with us since 1989 as a Technician in the OTC service and he mainly deals with ferric chloride. His job is to take the customers’ orders, plan them, and deliver them on the customers’ desired delivery dates based on our production volumes.

Cathleen Lecot, Laboratory Technician

Cathleen is a Laboratory Technician, who started at Kuhlmann France ten years ago, immediately after completing her studies. She ensures the quality of the output of our products and the proper functioning of our analysis equipment.

Pierre Pouliquen, Process Engineer

Pierre is a Process Engineer and he is at the interface with the different services and he provides support. His job consists of ensuring our equipment is reliable and understanding the origin of a problem when it occurs.