Trophées industrie

Chemical Industry Trophy 2022

Trophées industrie1

We are both pleased and proud to announce that Kuhlmann France was chosen by France Chimie to receive the Chemical Industry Trophy 2022, in the CSR category, during the ceremony of the Trophées de l'Industrie, which was organized by the Société Industrielle du Nord de France (SINF) on Thursday, November 24.

Each year, the SINF awards trophies to companies that have been nominated by French professional federations and organizations either for their performance or for exemplary achievements in the context of a different theme every year.

A key event in the promotion of industry in the Hauts-de-France region, the Trophées de l'Industrie bring together more than 600 regional personalities who come to salute and encourage these leading companies that contribute to the positive profile of our sectors.

The three essential elements that resulted in France Chimie awarding this trophy to Kuhlmann France were the following:

  • The ability of Kuhlmann France to reinvigorate itself over the years to ensure a positive future and perpetuate our industrial activity throughout the French territory and in Europe
  • The integration of the circular economy and recycling in our business model
  • The flexibility of our processes in terms of electric energy consumption

These criteria are indeed fundamental to the DNA of Kuhlmann France. And we are proud to have won this award as a team because it shows we were able to count on highly engaged and motivated employees who are helping to guarantee our further development and a bright future for Kuhlmann France.