Calcium chloride (CaCl2)

CAS Nr: 10043-52-4

Calcium chloride is the ionic compound of calcium and chlorine and has a wide variety of uses in many food, industrial and agricultural applications.

Some uses in the food industry include: the acceleration of coagulation in the cheese manufacturing process, the production of beer and soft drinks, increasing the firmness and shelf life of fruit, meat tenderization, and sodium content reduction. Industrial applications include dust binding/control, winter road maintenance services and de-icing, construction materials (cement and concrete acceleration), agricultural nutrients, and oil and gas exploration. In water treatment, CaCl2 is used for nanofiltration, flocculation, and precipitation of fluorides, sulfates, and phosphates.

Kuhlmann Europe is a major vendor of calcium chloride and production takes place at our production facilities located in Ham, Belgium. We offer aqueous calcium chloride solutions in both food grade and technical grade. Available in concentrations of 33%, 34% and 36%. Deliveries are made in bulk, tank trucks, containers, or barges.